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there's an exciting CONVERSATION happening in kelowna...



there's an exciting CONVERSATION happening in kelowna...

we're changing the conversation...

we're changing the conversation...

About the future of our urban core. About helping people get closer to the things they need everyday.  About how families live. About vibrant and inclusive neighbourhoods. About housing attainability.  About more walking and less driving. About living together. About common space not common walls. About....


Who We Are

homes for life.

Who We Are

homes for life.


We are a group of inspired, seasoned and dynamic real estate development experts.  We have a deep passion for working closely with landowners, homeowners, community stakeholders, city leaders and investors to help develop thoughtfully designed, industry leading homes in established Kelowna neighbourhoods.

"We work directly with homeowners helping them align the potential of their property with their personal goals." 


Shane Styles - development planning

For Shane it is all about livability and striking the balance between how we want to live today and how we want to live in the future, with thoughtful home design that honours social, environmental and economic sustainability.   He works with his team to uncover a property's ultimate potential all while understanding the desires of a client. 

Shane Styles is co-founder of Folio Building Group based in Kelowna, BC. Folio was founded with the sole purpose of developing infill projects in established Kelowna neighbourhoods. Shane and a team of local design professionals recently entered the City of Kelowna’s “Infill Challenge” competition where their innovative four home design was selected top amongst all participants. Previous to starting Folio, he spent 17 years in the real estate development industry directing the sales, marketing and operations of over $2B in new home construction across North America.  During his tenure in the development industry he garnered global experience as Managing Director of S&P Destination Properties Asia, based in Bangkok Thailand.   


Shane Baxter - building design

Shane Baxter has been doing building design since 1991. He worked for a Kelowna builder heading up their in house design and drafting department for just over 10 years. In 2002 he left that company and started Baxter Design.

Baxter Design specializes in custom single family and multi family projects. Although designing homes is Shane's passion, and has been since a young boy, what motivates him is connecting with people and dreaming with them to create a better future. Not only the future of a new home, but a future life that is alive and filled with purpose. Shane believes there is a destiny in each one of us and loves nothing more then helping call that out in the lives of those he knows.


Christa Kueber - style & design

Interior Design is not just a career for Christa, it is a lifelong passion that was ignited as a young girl spending time in her Father’s architectural offices. Following years as a visual arts teacher, Christa went back to school at Parsons, The New School in New York before beginning her design career working for several high-profile Los Angeles design firms. Her previous experience in the visual arts and as a FIDM Design Instructor allows her to bring a unique skill set to her clients.

In 2014, Christa launched her own design and development business. Her work is mainly focused in Southern California and Western Canada, but with a love of travel and experiencing different environments, Christa is capable of taking on design projects in any location.

Balanced and driven, Christa takes great pride in handling all aspects of her projects and enforces the highest standards to ensure complete client satisfaction.

In her free time Christa can be found travelling to visit her family and friends, enjoying the outdoors and pursuing her passion for art and design of all kinds.


Impact Builders Inc. - construction

Impact Builders Inc. is a family run business, recognized for their unique, high quality homes and their commitment towards client satisfaction. We regard each home as if it were our own, taking a hands on approach to ensure that the finest building materials and optimum workmanship goes into every project.  

Impact Builders Inc. has over 17 years’ experience in general contracting, project management, development, framing, foundations, siding and interior finish. In 1997 Impact Builders started at Big White Ski Resort where they specialized in exterior finishing.  The natural progression for Impact Builders was to build homes from plans to completion and this came to fruition in 2000. Impact Builders is well-known for their superior craftsmanship and dedication to meeting the needs of the homeowner. Impact Builders Inc. has also completed their own development in the Lower Mission that produced seven high end Custom Homes. A HPO (Home Owner Protection) registered builder, Impact Builders has sought out and maintains a construction team with over 75 years of combined experience, and with their hands-on approach ensures that the finest building materials and optimum workmanship goes into each and every home.

baxter design

baxter design


What We Do

What We Do


  • Land Negotiation & Acquisition

  • Positioning & Re-entitlement

  • Development Approvals

  • Design & Build

  • Feasibility Analysis & Financing

  • Marketing & Sales

  • Customer Service & Rental Management

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RU7 Zoning

RU7 Zoning

 Infill Challenge & NEW RU7 ZONING

UPDATE: The process of redeveloping your RU7 property involves a number of important steps. At inhabit residential we specialize in managing all of these activities to help get your project started sooner while working to substantially reduce the risk of costly mistakes and delays.  We approach your project from the perspective of a developer: understanding the entire process with an emphasis on financial prudence.  

Here is the process we will manage on your behalf:

RU7 Development Steps

  1. Acquire property

    1. Take possession

    2. Manage tenants (if applicable) Residential Tenancy Act LINK HERE

  2. Survey Site by Licensed Land Surveyor

    1. Property pins and boundaries confirmed

    2. Geodetic elevation confirmed

  3. Begin Design Work (6 - 10 weeks) *can be fast tracked if using approved plans

    1. Budget $6,000 - $10,000 depending on detail & customization

  4. Secure Builder

    1. Interview builders

    2. Check builder references

  5. Order Hazardous Assessment (2 weeks)

  6. Apply for Demolition Permit (2 days)

  7. Contact Utility Providers - re: disconnection (Telus, Shaw, Fortis, BC Hydro, Fortis Gas, Water, Sewer)

  8. Hazardous Abatement/Removal

    1. Secure quotes & select contractor

    2. Proceed with work (2 - 6 weeks)

  9. Building Demolition (*may be same as hazardous contractor)

    1. Secure quotes & select contractor

    2. Proceed with work (2 weeks)

  10. Geotechnical engineer report

  11. Coordinate power with Fortis/BC Hydro

  12. Coordinate Telcomm with Telus & Shaw

  13. Coordinate Deep Servicing (Water & Sanitary) with City engineers (6 - 10 weeks) *doesn’t need to happen before starting building

  14. Submit plan set for Development Permit

    1. Form & Character (colors, styles, landscaping plan etc.)

    2. Fees to expect:

      1. Development Cost Charges: $45,000

      2. Building Permit Fee: $7,000

      3. Water & Sewer upgrades: $18,000

  15. Secure Requirements for Building Permit

    1. 2 sets of plans

    2. Site plan

    3. Building permit fee

    4. Owner’s authorization

    5. Owner’s acknowledgment

    6. Title certificate

    7. Roof truss layout

    8. Floor joist layout

    9. Solar panel conduit

    10. Radon gas conduit

    11. New addresses

    12. HPO Approvals (registration)

    13. Geotechnical report

    14. Structural engineering report

  16. Submit for Building Permit (3 - 4 weeks)

  17. Secure Building Permit



Infill housing – the addition of new housing units to existing neighbourhoods – represents an important part of Kelowna's overall strategy to combat the impacts of urban sprawl. By focusing growth in areas with existing infrastructure (e.g.: roads, schools, parks, transit, etc…), it is possible not only to mitigate the impacts of sprawl, but also to build resilient neighbourhoods with access to daily services, transit and a wider variety of housing types.

The Infill Challenge is an innovative competition (aka “challenge”) hosted by the City for the development of new designs for sensitive infill housing in select parts of Kelowna’s Urban Core Area. Winning projects are intended to act as catalysts, inspiring greater achievement in the design of infill housing, strengthening community and developer support along the way. 

The winning concepts of the Infill Challenge guided the design of the exciting new RU7 Zoning Bylaw being introduced in core urban Kelowna neighbourhoods (map here) . This new RU7 zoning will allow the development of up to four dwelling units on lots of .138 of an acre or more.  

Check out the Infill Challenge page on the City of Kelowna's website for more details. 


Winning Submission

click image to view the Inhabit Residential Kelowna City Council Presentation

click image to view the Inhabit Residential Kelowna City Council Presentation

Inhabit Residential is proud to announce our selection as the winning submission in the City of Kelowna Infill Challenge. 

On May 30th, 2016 we presented our submission to the Mayor and Council. Our presentation and other information on the Infill Challenge can be found HERE.




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